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ROOF INSULATIONS (Overdeck/Underdeck): Thermal Insulation is an important application in maintaining the thermal temperature of the structure. The insulation applied reduces unwanted heat loss and can maintain the desired energy demands of heating and cooling system. Being in the industry for long years, SIGMA INSULATIONS  has executed various commercial industrial projects of Underdeck Insulation

Types of Thermal Insulation:

  1. Overdeck Insulation: One of the best option to maintain the thermal temperature of the structure stopping unwanted transmission of heat gain or loss is Overdeck Insulation which is applied on upper side of roof of the structure. The best advantage is, if required you can also execute Water Proofing above this insulation to make your roof safer.
  2. Underdeck Insulation: The application works exactly like Overdeck Insulation but is applied on underside of the roof or ceiling surface. Types of Underdeck Insulation are Glass Wool Insulation, Rockwool Insulation, Expanded/Extruded polystyrene insulation, Phenolic foam Insulation. Below this insulation, False Ceiling can be done.